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Polaroid Unfaded: Dreamland

By Malwina Adaszek Jan 26, 2018

This is my personal journey through my childhood. During the trips I would take, I wanted to capture the atmosphere of my youngest years of life. I remember that my interests were exploring nature. I wished I could freeze time in a perfect harmony between my feelings, my body, and my surroundings. When we are young, everything is so simple. When we grow up, our vision grows cloudy and more complicated. Photography allows me to come back in time and embrace my inner fragile child. My photos are made from the longing and loss of past times. I look to nature for these memories of undisrupted youth. Nature becomes my dreamland. The photo represents the meeting of my feelings, observations, and love for the landscape. 

Polaroid photography offers a fascinating surprise as I am not able to predict the final effect. Even the imperfections emphasize my fading memories and nostalgia of childhood. I am collecting the Polaroid pictures now, as treasures of childhood and my own personal dreamland.