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Planting and Preserving with tentree

By Polaroid Mar 31, 2017

Our friends at tentree may have achieved the ultimate goal: looking incredible and saving the world. tentree, a lifestyle apparel company, creates environmentally sustainable, socially conscious clothing and plants ten trees for each article that they sell. They partner with several non-profit organizations across the globe to ensure that they are planting in the areas that have the greatest need, like Ethiopia and Madagascar. 

In each place that tentree travels to plant, they work with community members to ensure that there is a targeted and lasting impact. In doing so, they meet some incredible people and take some incredible photographs. We started working with the tentree team so that they could give a physical photograph to those who shared their land and their homes.

tentree shared a little bit about us on their blog, check it out here. Or see all of their awesome gear on tentree.com.

(photos by @kylormelton)