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Capturing Memories with Polaroid

By Forever Jenypher Apr 2, 2019

With the weather getting warmer, I’m taking advantage of every opportunity to get some fresh air with my adorable nephews! These two kiddos are growing up so fast, sometimes I wish time would just slow down.

Greyson and Jayce are both a year old, and only three months apart. Both of them have the cutest personalities and are so unique in every way. Jayce is the sneaky one who is calm and peaceful, but don’t take your eyes off of him because you never know what he might do!

Greyson is a wild one for sure. He runs around like a crazy little man and laughs at his own “baby jokes!” They’re just both so cute and so lovable.

I am so happy to have been able to capture these precious moments with my nephews using my new Polaroid Mint instant digital camera + printer. I love how quick and easy it is to use and how I can print them instantly. I can throw this portable camera in my purse (super lightweight!), and take anywhere. I’m always prepared to capture the moment.

Poalroid Mint instant digital pocket printer story book
Poalroid Mint instant digital pocket printer story book
Poalroid Mint instant digital pocket printer story book

These Polaroid photos would be perfect to put together in a scrapbook of their childhood memories and show them when they get older (ahhhhh, I don’t even want to think about it!). In the meantime, I’m enjoying every second I can with these little nuggets.

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