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Trading Winter Blues for Tropical Hues

By Jacklyn Shields Mar 22, 2017

Living in New York can become mildly depressing in winter, between the cold, the snow, and the darkness (the sun sets at 4PM!). It’s safe to say that I was more than excited to trade in my New York winter blues for tropical hues in Jamaica.

As a full-time traveler blogger for Get Lost With Jackie, I typically change hotels and locations every 2-3 nights, so I was ecstatic to be spending an entire week relaxing at an all-inclusive resort in Trelawny, Jamaica. I had a blast and was so happy to bring my Polaroid Snap instant camera around the area with me. I have always had an affinity for palm trees so I was on cloud nine in Jamaica being able to capture them with my Polaroid Snap!

The view from my resort balcony was as pretty as a (Polaroid Snap) picture.

The Caribbean blues and hues made for a perfect palm tree photo op.

Sunset skies, pastel clouds and flowing palms; can you think of anything else more perfect?

My cousin and I opted to take a bamboo raft tour down one of the rivers in Jamaica and it was such a fun, unique experience! We were guided by Jean, our raft captain.

I couldn’t have gotten off of the raft without snapping a shot of Jean, a moment I definitely want to remember for the rest of my life.

The Caribbean sun can be hot and dehydrating. The on-site coconut stand was the perfect place for a fun, hydrating coconut water – right out of a coconut! The coconut stand simply radiated that laid-back, Jamacian atmosphere. I had to stop and snap a picture to hold on to.

All in all, my time in Jamaica was everything I had hoped it would be – relaxing and fun! Although departing from any trip can be upsetting, I was fortunate enough to have my hand-held Polaroid memories to take home with me – keeping me in a tropical state of mind, even from wintery New York.

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