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The Instant Art of Organization

By Gudrun Wronski Dec 22, 2017

Gudrun Wronski, the artist behind the @Polarista, embodies what it means to create incredible everyday art. Gudrun creates beautiful Polaroid pictures from highly stylized and organized everyday objects. We talked with her about her process and how she achieves these striking photographs. 

Tell us a bit about your profession and how you interact with photography.

GW: I manage a photo agency. We organize high-end beauty, lifestyle, and fashion photography and make it accessible to creative buyers. Since this year, I’m also working on an additional venture: a gallery, Unveiled Artfor contemporary photography. It’s all about my passion... all about photography.

How did you begin this Polaroid project and what was your intention behind it? 

GW: I like to minimalize; sort out chaos and clear up things. So one day I found myself lost in thought, sitting at a table, and arranging gummi bears by colors… The result looked nice and it was so relaxing after a busy workday, that I decided to make a little project out of it. 

I don’t store the arranged objects, but I wanted to make them last in a special way. That’s why I decided to use a Polaroid camera and take one picture of every arrangement. Fortunately, my husband has a great collection of vintage Polaroid cameras. It took me hours and a lot of film packs to find the right camera and a set up that worked out. Finally, I decided to use a Polaroid SX-70 and an Impossible I-1 with the latest Polaroid Originals film.

There are two parts I love about working on my little project:

A. Sitting at the table, calming down, and sorting e.g. mini alphabet pasta. And then arranging them, while listening to a podcast or audiobook. 

B.) Taking the Polaroid picture. There is always a surprise effect of what the image will look like: is it blurred, does it have strange colors, or is it just perfect?

Where do you find your inspiration?

GW: The everyday life. Walking through a supermarket, picking out one coffee capsule at the agency, opening a cupboard at home and seeing pills in different colors - you can find inspiration everywhere. Just be open-minded.

I was at a vernissage with my colleague, Normandi, the other day and they offered some drinks and finger food. I stared at a bowl of nuts and started to arrange them in my mind by color, size, and shape (haha, strange I know!) Normandi mentioned: "Gudrun, these are just nuts – the artwork is hanging on the wall." 

Check out Gudrun's Instagram account, @ThePolarista, to see all of her beautiful Polaroid pictures.