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See What They See

By Polaroid Mar 8, 2016

This year, about 500,000 kids around the globe will go blind from Vitamin A deficiency. 

Walgreens partnered with Vitamin Angels, a non-profit organization that helps at risk populations in need, by providing children in the US and abroad with life-changing vitamins and minerals. Walgreens, in conjunction with their vendor partners, will donate 1% of all vitamin sales to reach a goal of helping 100 million children in the US and abroad by 2017.

When you get vitamins at Walgreens, you help give vitamins to children in need. Cameras were given to five kids in Uganda so you can see the impact you can make through their eyes.


collage of kids enjoying Polaroid photos

Although she’s only four years old, Florence helps her grandmother by fetching water and collecting food from the garden. Thanks to vitamin A, she has healthy eyesight. See what Florence sees.


Livingston is a bright kid who loves going on motorcycle rides with his dad. His parents take him to vitamin A distributions so he can develop healthy eyesight and attend school one day.


collage of boy using and enjoying Polaroid camera and photos

Mutesi lights up the neighborhood with her smile. Because she takes vitamin A, she continues to develop strong and healthy eyes. See what Mutesi sees.

To learn more about Walgreen's See What They See campaign, visit their Tumblr page.

To learn more about Vitamin Angels click here.

All photos and videos courtesy of Walgreens.