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New York Fashion Week: Sally LaPointe Recaps Her Spring 2017 Collection

By Sally LaPointe Sep 21, 2016

Every season starts with a feeling. An emotion.

For the Spring 2017 collection I showed during New York Fashion Week, that feeling was a sense of heartache over the unsettled state of things, not only in the fashion industry, but in all aspects of our lives today. Johnny Cash took these feelings and let them fuel his creativity, and this was how I wanted to tackle this season. I decided to fully dedicate myself to my craft, because that’s all I can do. I wanted to make something really honest and beautiful and do it free of subconscious pressures from the outside. In the end the story of this season is about resilience, and triumph over a broken heart. It’s the journey from vulnerability to resilience. I think this is something everyone can relate to.

So the creative process began, and through it all, my team and I were able to capture intimate moments of each step with ease using the Polaroid Snap instant digital camera.

Fabric development is possibly the most time-heavy stage of any collection. My custom embroideries can take months to develop and weeks to execute. It’s always very exciting when a swatch arrives from India that, until that very moment, only existed in my head.

Once all of the samples have arrived, it is then time to work on styling the collection, followed by many many fittings with the models who will walk down the runway. Over the course of this process, I really start to see the collection come together. It is quite fun to see the reaction to the new pieces from each model who comes by to try them on.

After all the casting, styling, and fittings are complete, it’s time to decide on hair and makeup. We work with such wonderful teams for the show who help bring to life what I envision for the look. This season was all about a natural, glossy glow. The hair was wet and a bit messy, and the makeup was almost non-existent aside from gloss on the eyes, cheeks and lips.

The final step, one that’s always emotional for me, is the runway show. We had a good friend, the extremely talented Robert Pyzocha, design the set for us. The geometric sculptures he created were suspended from the ceiling and seemed to glow from the inside thanks to the LED light strips used in each.

I had a great time capturing so many moments of my New York Fashion Week journey for Spring 2017 through these Polaroid photos. Seeing everything come together is thrilling, and I’m so grateful to be able to share my art with the world.