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Polaroid Unfaded: A Little Newer, a Little Different, but Always Polaroid

By Piper Curda May 5, 2017

This photo of my brother and sister was taken this last December. My whole family was together (which is rare nowadays) for the holidays. We happened to be in Hawaii this Christmas and we were out this night to look at some of the Christmas lights and enjoy the Hawaiian Christmas festivities. This was taken during a break in activity when we were all standing around trying to figure out what our next stop was. I pride myself on having some of the most attractive siblings around, and I thought these two looked particularly great that evening. I snapped this photo quickly because I wanted it to be truly candid and so I could capture the genuine affection and companionship—they exemplified the epitome of siblinghood to me. It came out even better than I anticipated. My brother’s six-year-old leather jacket and classic white tee in combination with my sister’s thrift store Bill Cosby sweater radiated a vintage feel and their engaged, but relaxed expressions gave off a vibe that could only be described as cool. I fell in love with this because it transported me back in time. It’s 90's look and candid nature communicated exactly what Polaroid photography was created for: capturing real moments with real people and evoking real feelings from a certain place and time. This photo fills me with love, appreciation, joy, and nostalgia. To me, it represents the mission of the modern-day Polaroid. Though we are progressing and times are changing and new, more compact, more colorful ways of taking a Polaroid photo are continuously being released, it does not mean we have somehow lost the “old ways” of the Polaroid. They’re still there, they just might be a little smaller. A little newer. A little different. But always Polaroid.