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Oh Baby!

By Polaroid Apr 1, 2016
collage of Polaroid baby photos

The first year of your baby's life will go by in a flash. In an instant, that little bundle of joy that you were so nervous to bring home will turn into a babbling, crawling, food-flinging 1-year old – and from there life only moves faster... and messier. Because when you're washing permanent marker off your walls or trying to make it through a stop at the grocery store (without having to leave a cart full of food in Aisle 4), you'll be happy to have a little keepsake of the time when it was all new.

There's a ton of adorable ideas floating around out there (Super-Moms much?), but these are some of our favorites! Check out these ideas of using Polaroid pictures to capture baby's precious first year.

collage of Polaroid baby photos

Using a chalkboard is a fun, simple way to document the passing months and also show how baby is learning and developing (not to mention testing out your latest lettering ideas! 😍). In the beginning it'll be nothing more than a prop, but later on he'll be throwing it out of the picture! It becomes an interactive experience, showing the personality changes as he grows. 

Polaroid baby photos

Using Polaroid pictures gives a great uniformity to the progression. No matter how the images are displayed it draws attention to the sweet baby inside the white border. Whether you hang them on the wall in a frame or string the photos from wire, you'll always have a little piece of that first year to keep forever.

3x3 collage of Polaroid baby photos

Photos courtesy of Brooke Allington.

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