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Jarrod Reno | Polaroid Photographer

By Polaroid Apr 12, 2016

"Life truly is a journey, the good is of course good, but the bad is also good in the end. If that makes sense." – Jarrod Reno

After watching Jarrod Reno | Polaroid, a short and beautiful documentary about the life and work of Polaroid photographer Jarrod Reno, it made complete sense to us. 

Jarrod Reno shared his thoughts with us about making this intimate film. 

"This project was a bit of a surprise and started as a simple email from Kyle. He reached out and had heard that I was a fairly interesting person and had this idea of shooting a small film about me, my work, and why I do it. At first I reluctantly said yes as I felt a bit confused as to why he’d spend his time trying to find a storyline within my work. When reading his email I felt flush and self conscious just thinking about being in front of a camera, I feel much better being behind one.  

We met up for some coffee and got into deep conversation about being artists. We hit on the struggles, the victories, where we find inspiration, the positives and negatives of social media among other things. More than anything I remember being pretty inspired after leaving the meeting. 

Some time went by and the project was put on hold. In all honesty I was relieved. I didn’t have to step into a vulnerable spotlight. 

After a handful of months passed I got another email from Kyle asking if I had time to reignite the idea… with a knot in my gut I told him a simple… “sure, when is good for you?”. My biggest fear was that my little story wasn’t worthwhile to be told and that I’d feel like a joke by the end of it. In reality when I saw the final short, I was in tears. 

Life truly is a journey, the good is of course good but the bad is also good, in the end. If that makes sense." 

Jarrod Reno and family on the couch

collection of Polaroid photosJarrod Reno taking a photo of his daughter

Check out Jarrod's portfolio here and his Instagram account here.

Jarrod Reno closeup

Video and photography courtesy of KJ Creative, Connor Robertson, and Jarrod Reno.