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Handwritten Photos

By Polaroid Apr 25, 2018

We've all heard the (rather tired) phrase of "a photo is worth a thousand words." We think that while in some cases this is true, there are also scenarios where words can enhance a photo. We created a series of handwritten notes on photos that we think bring new meaning to the image. One of the best parts about instant digital cameras and printers is that you can print multiple copies of an image and don't have to choose between keeping the photo pristine or creating a "handwritten photo".

For this project, all we needed was a Polaroid Zip instant mobile printer, Zink Zero-Ink 2x3" paper, and a permanent marker. You can also use a Polaroid Snap Touch instant digital camera in place of the Polaroid Zip or paint-pens instead of a permanent marker.

Photos that work best for this project are ones that have a decent amount of negative space. The amount depends on what you want to write, which is entirely up to you. We like to put musings from when the photo was taken or how we reflect on it now.

Like analog instant photos, these handwritten photos become one-of-a-kind. We like to put these photos on display, either hanging or using the sticky-back of the Polaroid ZINK paper to adhere to a board or a wall. Handwritten photos also make great gifts that show and tell the significance of memories spent together.