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From All Around to Roots in the Ground

By Kyle Johnston Mar 9, 2017

Since my wife and I first met we have wanted to travel to Europe for an extended period of time. For years we talked about how fun it would be, but weren’t able to make the decision because it was not the right time or because of the costs associated. After 3 years of saving up, we finally decided to make it happen. And just like that my wife quit her job and I took a month off. Deciding where to go wasn’t difficult. This trip was entirely about being spontaneous and fun, so we posed the question, “If you could see anything in all of Europe, what sounds the most fun?” We both love the outdoors, so we started booking all of the places we had dreamed of going: Iceland, Switzerland, Germany, France, Ireland, and a few days in London at the end. We grabbed our video camera, our Polaroid Snap instant camera and set out on an epic adventure. All-in-all we travelled the entire month of August and stayed at Airbnb apartments along the way. 

Traveling together as we had always imagined was an amazing experience. I will never forget playing the travel version of Settlers of Catan in the front seat of a camper van in Iceland, while it was pouring rain and thundering, being a thousand feet up on a cliffside together in Switzerland, clapping and dancing at a pub in Dublin, and dipping and kissing my wife beneath the Eiffel Tower. We took pictures with our Polaroid Snap camera along the way so that we had tangible prints as well as our incredible memories. We added the photos to our travel journal and could stick them right in with the Zink sticky back paper. The only word that comes to mind when describing our trip is epic. 

Shortly after returning, my wife and I became foster parents and have dug our roots deep back into daily life. And at this point in time, home is the only place we want to be. The Polaroid photos we take now are of our new family and life with our loved ones. But we are so thankful that we took our dream adventure. That experience is something we’ll never forget!

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