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Frame Within a Frame

By Polaroid Jan 19, 2016
Polaroid held in front of where it was taken

A photo within a photo is a quick and easy visual trick that can be used to create quirky pictures. You can snap a person, place or thing, though the more distinctive the location the better the picture will be. You're going to need one Polaroid instant camera, a spare camera or smartphone, and a steady hand (or helpful friend). First, find your subject—it can be anything from a planted pot or a park bench to a sleeping cat or your pal striking a pose. Carefully line up your instant shot, make a rough note of where you're standing, and then go ahead and take your picture. Let the image develop.

Step back a few paces and hold up your developed Polaroid photo, so that it seamlessly blends in with the original background. This is the one time that the "no fingers and no thumbs" rule doesn't apply; let them show proudly clutching the edge of your Polaroid picture. Take your other camera and carefully frame the instant photo in the viewfinder (this is where a friend can come in handy, as it's tricky to hold the photo in the right place while you line up the camera). When you have everything in place, press click...and voilà! A really simple way of creating a neat visual effect.

Other ideas to try: When taking your photo, try having your subject interact with the wider background—seeing someone engage with the scene beyond the Polaroid picture can work to great effect.

It can be fun to come back to the same spot at a later time or in different weather, so that your two photos have a completely different look and feel.

If you've got a friend willing to give you a hand, you can try including more than one Polaroid photo in your picture to create a collage effect.

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