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Filling in the Blanks with the Polaroid Snap at the Wynwood Walls in Miami

By Jacklyn Shields Jun 11, 2017

Wynwood Art District is a neighborhood in Miami, Florida that is home to over 70 galleries, museums and art collections. What’s unique about this particular neighborhood is that it has been transformed into a living art scene itself. Artists from around the world have traveled to Miami to leave their mark on the Wynwood buildings.

I recently spent the day exploring Wynwood with my friend Taylor from Travel Colorfully and my Polaroid Snap instant digital camera. This area was the perfect place to snap some “photo in a photo” style pictures – while playing a game of “filling in the blanks” with my Polaroid photos against the murals.

One of the first murals we spotted was a giant, colorful wall that read “LOVEISM”. This shot by Taylor captured the entire mural. (Art by: Hec One Love)
While Taylor shot the entire mural, I was excited to start snapping away, trying to fit the photo right back into the mural. (Art by: Hec One Love)
This mural was one of my faves because it was so MIAMI! Filled with funky patterns and 50’s-esque pops of color, this mural was definitely at home in MIA.
Does it get any more fun and colorful than this?!
Easily one of the coolest murals we stumbled upon. I loved the wave of the lines and the transition of the colors. (Art by: Hoxxoh)
This is, interestingly enough, a building façade! If you look closely you can see the front door and the mailbox! (Art by: Chris Riggs)

There are so many different art styles that can be found in Wynwood. From abstract art to pop art to minimalism to futurism and just about everything in between. But what I love most about the murals in Wynwood is how VIBRANT most of them are. Regardless of the style or scene - many of the murals are full of fun colors.

This wall was beautiful chaos, so of course it spoke to me. The colors, the squiggly lines, the overlapping - it was all just so fun and pretty!
Of course, I had to pose in front of this wall, too! It was just a bonus that the pink flowers on my cover-up were the same hue of pink on the wall. (Art by: Antonio Rubalcava)
This mural was one of my favorites, with words such as “LIVE”, “DREAM” and “WISH splattered artistically across. (Art by: Romero Britto)
Here I am in front of the same wall - just on a different section where it read “WISH”. You can see more of my personal diary at Wynwood here. (Art by: Romero Britto)

Polaroid is all about self-expression, creativity and innovation – which made it my go-to companion for capturing all the magic at Wynwood. It’s truly the perfect place to venture out in and just get lost. You can spend days exploring the area and not stumble across the same art twice. The perfect place to bring your Polaroid Snap instant camera to create some colorful memories to bring home!

One of the prettiest, and perhaps most photographed, walls in Wynwood is this pink, purple and blue wall with pops of red and yellow. The yellow reminds me of a sunburst! (Art by: Risk)
Here I am posing in front of the same wall, because at the end of the day, isn’t it all about the selfie?! (I am a full-time travel blogger, after all!) (Art by: Risk)
Here’s just a few of my favorite photos I took home. Don’t forget to head over to my blog for more photos from my day in Wynwood with Polaroid!