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DIY Polaroid Photo Heart Stand

By Polaroid Feb 7, 2020

We're all about sharing the love this Valentine's Day. Ditch the boring, typical gift for something thoughtful and unique for your special someone this year—a photo heart stand printed on the Polaroid PlaySmart 3D printer. It's the perfect present to make their heart flutter.

Here's what you'll need:

First thing's first, download the 3D photo heart stand design file here. To make the printing go faster, download the design file to your computer and open up the Polaroid SmartPrep software (make sure to have your 3D printer serial number on hand to download the software). The software comes preloaded with tons of ready-to-print models, but we loved the idea of making something all our own. Once you've successfully downloaded the software, click Add Model to find the photo stand design file and load to the screen.

If you're lucky enough to have more than one Valentine this year, the software allows you to copy the design so you can print multiple photo stands at once, saving the trouble of printing individually. The software lets you know if your design is ready to print (green), merged with another model (orange) or unable to print because of positioning or scale (gray). Once you've selected the number of models to print, click Print and save the file to a USB or SD card. 

To print, insert your USB or SD card directly into the Polaroid PlaySmart 3D printer, push New Print and select the file.

Now comes the hardest part—the waiting. However, the excitement of watching the design take shape in front of you is pretty hard to beat. If you can't hang out with your printer while it's working, you can always download the Polaroid PlaySmart app and stay up to date on its progress (available for iOS & Android devices).

The printer will let you know as soon as the print job is finished. Wait for the model to cool down completely before taking it off the print bed—the stand will release itself.

Last, but definitely not least, choose your favorite photo of your Valentine, BFF or furbaby and place in the stand. Can't decide on just ONE photo? Start from the beginning and follow our advice on printing multiple models at once. Come on—you know you want to.

You can find the Polaroid PlaySmart 3D printer available exclusively at JOANN in-store or online at JOANN.com.