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Capturing the Perfect Picture

By Polaroid Sep 16, 2016

We assume you have heard Fashion Week has officially kicked off in London. With a schedule packed with SS17 runway shows from Topshop Unique to House of Holland and the best up-and-coming designers, there is a lot to look out for. Intrigued? Head out to the venues yourself – you don’t even need a front row ticket to capture unique moments on camera. Whether you’re attending a show, an event, or just trying to spot the best street style and celebrities, finding the right subject should be easy. But what's important to note before hitting the trigger? Marc Serota, co-founder of Polaroid University, and Topshop have teamed up to give you five top tips on making the most of London Fashion Week and capturing those special moments from Fashion Week. From the right angle to fun gadgets, here’s how it goes…


Before heading out, make sure your battery is fully charged and you have enough storage – you don’t want to miss the perfect moment because of a technical issue! And always be aware of your surroundings to ensure you are ready to snap away and capture every moment.


If you’re attending a show, the best place to stand is looking down at the runway in order to be able to capture the model’s look in full-length. And timing is key. If you’re standing at the side - keep a close eye on the runway, wait until the model is entering your frame and focus for the picture not to turn out blurry.


If you’re afraid of missing the right moment, use the burst mode to take as many frames as possible in a short amount of time to increase the chance of capturing the one you need.


Decide if you want your image to be vertical or horizontal and make sure to fill the frame – don’t leave too much space at the top or the bottom. Vertical works best for runway shots and horizontal if you’re looking to shoot tight features of shoes, headwear or any other details. 


Use gadgets in order to make your images truly stand out - from different lenses for your smart phone, to tripods and mounts to experiment with time lapse photography and slow-motion videos. 

Want more London Fashion Week? Topshop has created the ultimate guide in their LFW Hub with information on how to shop straight from the runway, news about their NEWGEN and Fashion East initiatives, backstage reports and more… 

For more photography tips from Marc and other professional photographers, enroll in Polaroid University today.