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ART SHOW at The Container Yard

By Polaroid Mar 2, 2016

Located in the heart of the Arts District in downtown Los Angeles, The Container Yard works with artists which play an integral role in the beautiful transformation of the now post-industrial facility. On Saturday, February 27, TCY hosted ART SHOW, a public event highlighting the work of talented artists and photographers in the area.

Over the last 2 years, TCY has come to represent a space for artists and creatives to engage in collaboration, innovation, and artistic expression. This show is meant to be an honest expression of the The Container Yard as an intersection of old and new in a changing Los Angeles. We are the balance of fine art and street art, fine dining and food trucks, business and philanthropy[...]

building covered in colorful artwork

couple walking past building with muralclassic car in front of mural

wall with custom mural

Famous for his large format Polaroid prints of Los Angeles, Jim McHugh has been photographing common things in an uncommon manner for thirty years. McHugh was on-site during ART SHOW at TCY capturing the featured artists in action, resulting in some seriously beautiful photos.

The best part of this project has been seeing my artist friends' work become so appreciated and I've been welcomed into a private world that few have access to. Quite honestly, Polaroid instant materials has been a big part of making friends with these talented street artists.

One such artist is Joe "Prime" Reza, known for his unique typeface graffiti art.

artist Joe Prime Reza in action

two artists in action

Prime with TCY co-founder Ash Chan

artist Joe Prime Reza in front of his work

artist posing in front of his work

8"x10" Polaroid photo of Prime

Learn more about The Container Yard here.

All photos courtesy of Jim McHugh.