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Polaroid Wood Photo Display

By Polaroid Mar 13, 2019

Looking for a creative way to decorate using your favorite photos? Check out our easy-to-do Polaroid wood photo display to add that extra touch of special to any room.

Here's what you'll need to make your own Polaroid wood photo display.


We are all about easy crafts this year—and this project is as easy as they come. We found a 6x6" wood block at a local craft store to use as our base. The one we picked has a width of about 2" making it easy to place on a desk or table top. Next, we placed one self-adhering decorative paper clip to the top center of the wood block. We'll use the clip to hold our paper and photo piece when we're all done.

Next, we printed off some photos using the Polaroid Mint instant digital pocket printer and chose pieces of paper to match. This is where the easy part comes in—to give the paper a decorative look, we tore pieces off the bottom edges, exposing the white, non-colored portion underneath. We cut the paper to roughly 5x5" so you'd be able to see the wood block once the paper was clipped. Then, we peeled the paper from the backs of both Polaroid photos, exposing the sticky side, and placed them on the colored paper.

Finally, we clipped the piece of paper with our Polaroid photos to the wood block. What you have now is a super simple photo display that can be updated using different paper or photos for birthdays, new seasons, and holidays.

Want to try this craft for yourself?

Get crafting with the Polaroid Mint instant digital pocket printer, now available on Amazon. It comes in five vibrant colors, is compatible with ZINK Zero Ink Paper 2x3”, and the app is available for iOS & Android devices.

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