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Escape Route

By Polaroid Jul 7, 2015
photo of girl taking a photo with a Polaroid camera

At Polaroid, we often find ourselves daydreaming at our desks about the ultimate getaway (especially in the wintertime). In July, Free People organized a getaway that exceeded our dreamiest of fantasies. In Moab, the beautiful dusty desert in Eastern Utah, fourteen FPMe friends joined together to escape the normal hum of our technologically infused lives for a "digital detox." No texting, uploading or sharing, just connecting in real-time.

Polaroid Free People Moab Unplugged

We provided Polaroid instant analog cameras to capture these real-time moments and, we have to say, the outcome was incredible.

two girls taking pictures of each other with Polaroid cameras

collage of Polaroid photosholding a Polaroid photo

collage of various Polaroid photos

These wanderlust beauties have given us enough inspiration to fuel our daydreams for days on end. While we were lost in the clouds, Free People wrote a blog about why they love Polaroid instant cameras (blush blush), check it out here.