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Celebrating Toddler-Friendly Easter Traditions with Polaroid

By Jessica Dowd Apr 16, 2019

Easter always brings to mind sunshine, birds singing, flowers and fun pastel colors. Since our first born is now old enough to participate in activities, my husband and I wanted to start some of our own family traditions to celebrate spring and Easter time! Some of the more traditional activities are actually very toddler-friendly, while others may take a few more years to really catch on. An egg hunt, Easter-themed crafts and baking were at the top of the best activities we attempted with our almost 2-year-old while dyeing eggs was the least successful—and messiest—by far.

After our Polaroid Mint instant digital pocket printer arrived I knew it would be perfect for keeping a printed copy of these beautiful memories! I couldn’t even take a guess at how many photos I have taken of my son since he was born, but I can tell you very few of those photos have ever existed outside of my phone. That is the beauty of the Polaroid Mint pocket printer - you can print photos directly from your iPhone or Android via Bluetooth and voilà, you have those beautiful memories in the palm of your hand in just seconds.

Check out some of the fun, springtime activities we tried!

Craft Time

Photo of Jessica Dowd taking pictures with her son drawing on a table
Photo of Jessica Dowd printing picture of her son with the Polaroid Mint Instant Digital Pocket Printer


Photo of Jessica Dowd mixing muffin mix with her son
Photo of Jessica Dowd's son eating muffin mix off the whisk

Dying Eggs

Photo of a flaylay of different dye dishes with eggs in them next to flowers and the Polaroid Mint Instant Digital Pocket Printer

Family holidays are becoming more special as our small family grows, and being able to capture these moments and have the photos printed on the spot is so cool! When you download the Polaroid Mint app for iOS & Android on your phone and connect it to your printer, you can make edits to your photos by adding fun borders, stickers and text. I had so much fun playing around with these features to make some Easter-themed prints, and they looked amazing on my letterboard project. I can’t wait to display it in my kitchen or living room and showcase all of the fun Easter memories we made this year!

Photo of letterboard decorated with Easter-themed Polaroid photos, spring flowers, and eggs

Read Jessica’s full blog post here.

Want to try this for yourself?

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