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Free People x Polaroid Creativity Summit

By Polaroid Sep 25, 2016

We've all had those days when your shot is missing that spark or when your hands hang over the keyboard just waiting for the perfect words to drop into place. It is on these days when we are reminded that creativity often does not strike when we need it to and that we must search for our own.

This past week at the Free People x Polaroid Creativity Summit, at the beautiful Foxfire Mountain House in the Catskills Mountains, inspiration filled the air. Our attendees were greeted by Free People photographers, stylists, and graphic designers, and photojournalist and founder of Polaroid University, Marc Serota.

To get those creative juices flowing, the summit began with a "celebrity" panel -- creators at Free People sharing their favorite projects and what fuels their creative fire. Then Polaroid University founder, Marc Serota, talked about his personal journey as a photographer and his role as a teacher through his Polaroid University episodes, which provide insights for photographers of all abilities. 

After learning from the greats, groups were given the Polaroid Snap instant digital camera and challenged to think like an art director and capture one of four Free People concepts. The photos were only made stronger by the fact that these photographers had not worked together before and did not know each other's styles and preferences. Each attendee provided a creative spark for their team to make use of.

While the summit was only one day, the participants were able to learn from such incredible authorities in their fields and collaborate with bright thoughtful individuals. We believe that this creative day may fend off some of the more lackluster ones for times to come.

Thanks so much to Free People and Polaroid University for helping this become a reality.