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Route 66

Recovering the Places We Lost Along the Way

By Nicole Capo Aug 10, 2018
I hold up my camera to snap a photo and that simple act feels momentous. As the image prints from my Polaroid Snap Touch instant digital camera, I...

Finding Your Kitsch—and America—on 66

By Matthew Dickey Aug 3, 2018
Picture this. Several tour buses are gathered on the street. Their deep engines are grumbling. They are lined up not to see the Grand Canyon, but a...

Route 66 Communities: Documenting Tight-Knit Connections in Disparate Places

By Morgan Vickers Jul 25, 2018
Driving along Route 66 feels simple. It’s a mindless act: rubber tires against hot asphalt, gravel, and dirt roads; roadside rest stops filled...

Get Your Chopsticks on Route 66

By Lina Tran Jul 23, 2018
In the back of Pho Lien Hoa, a family-style restaurant on Oklahoma City’s NW 23rd Street, hangs a large piece of art, the kind you...

Resurrections on Route 66: Photographing Restored Roadside Landmarks

By Michael Ryan Jul 16, 2018
Route 66 slices through eight states and over 300 different communities as it winds its way west from Chicago, IL to Santa Monica, CA. Since 1926,...

Discover Historic Route 66

By The National Trust for Historic Preservation Jul 2, 2018
Route 66. The Mother Road. The inspiration for those oft-quoted “kicks.” And now, the backdrop for an epic road trip that will showcase...