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Polaroid staff writers are a group of incredibly enthusiastic, annoyingly optimistic, over achievers who eat, live and breathe the Polaroid brand. They wear their heart on their sleeves but are no pushovers. Known for their quick wit and infectious charisma, they eagerly share their life through the lens that is Polaroid.  

Recent Blog Posts By Polaroid

Pack Polaroid: Adventures Through the Grand Canyon

By Polaroid Aug 7, 2019
Grand Canyon Polaroid cameraGrand Canyon Polaroid cameraGrand Canyon Polaroid instant cameraIn conjunction with the 100th anniversary of the Grand...

Mother's Day Photo Frame

By Polaroid May 7, 2019
Mother's Day is just around the corner and if you're like us, you probably procrastinated getting the perfect gift for Mom. That's why we love this...

Polaroid Wood Photo Display

By Polaroid Mar 13, 2019
Looking for a creative way to decorate using your favorite photos? Check out our easy-to-do Polaroid wood photo display to add that extra touch of...