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Kelly Ella Maz

Freelance Travel Writer

Kelly Ella Maz

Kelly Mazur is a freelance travel writer and full-time traveller. Originally from Canada, she quit her job and left home to chase summer around the globe and has never looked back. You can follow her travels at www.kellyellamaz.com or through her daily Instagram updates @kellyellamaz.

Recent Blog Posts By Kelly Ella Maz

Exploring Canada’s Winter Wonderland

By Kelly Ella Maz Feb 9, 2017
This winter season has seen less snow than usual, but the mild temperatures mean that I've been able to get outdoors and explore Ontario, Canada...

The Adventure Never Stops

By Kelly Ella Maz Sep 13, 2016
Travel is the best thing in life; but the second best thing is reliving those memories through photos. Each year I look forward to spending my...