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Julia Beyer

Julia is an analog photographer from Germany. She mainly works with instant film to express her inner visions that often show dreamlike landscapes and surreal atmospheres. She began to fall in love with this medium in 2014 and since then she expands her portfolio continuously.

Since 2017, she has been a member of the renowned 12:12 Project, a worldwide collective of female Polaroid photographers. Lately Julia's work can also be found in Stefanie Schneider's Instantdreams online gallery. When she is not shooting instant, film she sings in the Dreampop band Chandeen and works full time in the media industry. Follow her journey on her Instagram, @juliabeyer.

Recent Blog Posts By Julia Beyer

Polaroid Unfaded: The Pursuit of Happiness

By Julia Beyer Dec 8, 2017
Photography has always been something that I have felt such an attraction to, but somehow instant photography didn’t really enter my focus...