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Gayle Turner

Gayle is a mom to 5 children and a grammy to 4. After 30 years teaching in the classroom, running a nationally acclaimed free after-school children's theater program, and raising her 5 children (the last of whom is pursuing his dreams as an entertainer with Disney!), Gayle has decided to pursue her own dreams. She is writing, traveling, and doing just what happens when you live your life instead of planning your life. You can follow her and her fellow writers at Life Is An AdventureThe Disney Gals or at their soon-to-be launched site, A Life Less Planned.

Recent Blog Posts By Gayle Turner

Disney Magic Memories

By Gayle Turner Jun 2, 2016
Some of my most vivid memories are of my dad taking pictures with our Polaroid camera and anxiously waiting for the prints to develop right before...