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Emmy Coletti

Photographer and Lifestyle Blogger

Emmy Colette

Emmy Coletti is a student, photographer and lifestyle blogger living in and exploring the New England area for the first time after calling Utah home for 20 years.

Photography has always been a passion and side hobby for her. It's her favorite way to capture and reflect on each intricate detail throughout every stage of life. She especially loves photographing the smaller, often overlooked moments of life. She feels that they can best represent who she is today and where she is in her life.

She currently shoots with a Nikon D600 and more recently has been getting back into instant photography with the Polaroid Snap instant digital camera. She loves taking weekend trips around New England and exploring her new home with her husband. While her photography style can vary depending on her mood, her sense of adventure and desire to create remains consistent.

Follow along her adventures on Instagram at instagram.com/emmycoletti/ or at emmycoletti.com.

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