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Darren Brogan

Darren is from the small town of Dunfermline in Scotland.

He studied as a Computer Scientist at University and now works as an IT consultant in Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital city. For Darren, photography has always been a bit if a hobby and is closely linked to his passion for travel.

As often as he can, Darren likes to get out and explore the world around him. Whether he is roaming the landscapes of Scotland or the megacities of Asia, he will undoubtably have his camera at his side. The goal of his photography has always been to visually capture his adventures and to share them with others in attempt to inspire.

He’s a huge fan of the Instagram platform and uses it as his primary means to share his work and engage with the travel photography community. He also plays an active part in the Scottish Instagram community and regularly attends and helps organise instameets.

He now shoots with a Fuji XE-2 - understandably one of his favourite travel accessories.

He and his wife recently returned from an excursion to Asia where they visited Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore. Follow his adventures on Instagram @poetic_mouse

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