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Christian Seda

"OverTheMoonMom", Teacher

Christian Seda (@OverTheMoonMom) and family

My name is Christian and I am OverTheMoonMom.

I’m 29 years old living in Las Vegas with my husband and juggling life as a teacher while being a mom of two boys - Hudson and Hayes.

I LOVE to travel! My adventures have taken me all over the world and have even brought me into motherhood! I love meeting new people, stepping out of my comfort zone, and experiencing everything our beautiful world has to offer. I live for new thrills!

Being a mom, juggling a social life, and having a career isn't easy. I’m here to support others through it all while sharing stories about motherhood, lifestyle, and travel!

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Love Is in the Air

By Christian Seda Feb 12, 2019
I love celebrating Valentine’s Day because it is a perfect little reminder to appreciate your loved ones. I am not big on fancy dinners,...