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Kyle Johnston

Kyle runs KJ Creative, a commercial video production company from Denver, Colorado.

In 2014 he and his wife quit their jobs to bootstrap KJ Creative from the ground up. He used his video and entrepreneurial skills to start shooting projects he really enjoyed. The video team rapidly grew and so did the shoots. Many of these projects began including world travel.

In the past 2 years he’s filmed videos in 15 countries on 5 continents - places like Peru, Rwanda, Tanzania, India, Cambodia, Iceland and Switzerland with projects ranging from lifestyle advertising to non-profit mini-documentaries.

At home, he’s a husband and a foster dad. He’s passionate about filming videos, but even more passionate about making a positive impact on the foster/adoption community in the United States. His dream is to raise enough funds to film a documentary on the issues.

Check out the wide variety of work Kyle and his team does at kjcreative.org or follow his adventures on Instagram @kjcreative.

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