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  • Polaroid Unfaded: The Magic of Instant

    By Polaroid Jan 31, 2017
    When Dr. Edwin Land, the founder of Polaroid, introduced the world to the groundbreaking invention of instant photography in 1943, the innovative process was coined the "Magic of Instant." Quite literally it was magic as no one had ever seen an image develop just moments after a photograph was taken.  At Polaroid, we believe that the magic of instant photography is preserved...

  • Share Love with a DIY Memory Box

    By Emmy Coletti Jan 30, 2017
    As much as I love Valentine's Day, I feel it can be so hard to find the perfect Valentine's gift for your significant other. With Christmas just a few months prior, most gifts have already been crossed off the checklist! Instead of going the traditional “candy and a card” route, over the past few years I have been opting for personalized and heartfelt homemade gifts for...

  • Add A Personal Touch To Your Home with DIY Photo Decor

    By Emmy Coletti Oct 27, 2016
    Having a new home to decorate can be pretty much equal parts awesome and dreadful. I find that I never have enough time (or money!) to do all the things I truly want. Lately, I have been favoring low-cost do-it-yourself projects that add a cozy touch to my home, rather than bigger, more expensive pieces. One of the best things about having a place of your own is including personal touches in...

  • A Picture-in-Picture Adventure: United Kingdom

    By Darren Brogan Sep 13, 2016
    A continuation from "A Picture-in-Picture Adventure: Taiwan." When my wife and I returned from our holiday, we had an urge to explore places closer to home here in the UK. It’s all too easy to forget just how amazing and beautiful your home can be because you see it so regularly. So with a rekindled desire to explore and photograph Scotland and the UK a little more, I...


Totally Falling for Free People

By Polaroid Aug 1, 2015
We admit it...we are totally falling for Free People. The boho-chic fashion brand not only designs the most beautiful clothing fit for the goddess...

Escape Route

By Polaroid Jul 7, 2015
At Polaroid, we often find ourselves daydreaming at our desks about the ultimate getaway (especially in the wintertime). In July, Free People...